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How do I get started?
Select the type of garments you would like from our catalog.
Requesting a catalog is easy. Determine your budget and approximately how many shirts you will need. Then bring us, fax or e-mail your idea or logo and our knowledgeable customer service staff can help you go from there.

How long will it take?
Embroidery jobs usually require 10 -15 working days. If you need a rush, please ask! We will let you know when your project can be finished.

What if I need a rush order?
We pride ourselves on customer service and will do our best to accommodate your needs without a rush charge if your project is due sooner than the 10 - 15 working days from start-to-finish. For embroidery we like to allow 5-7 days for the digitizing and must be able to complete the disk at least two days prior to your scheduled due date to allow for revisions. If your timeline does not allow this, rush charges up to 25% for 4-day service, 50% for 2-day service and 100% for a same day service may apply. Your sales person will help determine if rush charges will be necessary when your order is placed.

What is the minimum order?
On most items there is no minimum. There are economic realities that we will help you understand. Although we can embroider one item it may not be cost effective.

How much will it cost per shirt?
For embroidery, the cost depends the number of stitches in your logo. This varies according to size and amount of detail. For your initial order you will pay an embroidery setup charge based on the stitch count. Fax or e-mail us your logo for a stitch count estimate.

How much is embroidery setup (or digitizing)?
Based on the size of the design, we bill a one-time charge of between $55.00 and $100.00, which includes our artists time when working from your design. Average logo's run average between $3.00 - $7.00, for a left chest placement and between $20.00 - $35.00 for a full back placement.

Stock lettering is available for simple text, which cost $15.00 for setup. We also have access to thousands of stock designs which can be used for embroidery which can be incorporated into your logo and save you money on the digitizing fees. These designs can be viewed in a book at our office and range from $10.00 - $15.00 each depending on size of the image.

Changes to your logo can be made for an edit fee of $20-50 depending on the complexity. Embroidered logos can usually be enlarged or reduced 15% before editing is necessary to add or remove density of the stitches. Changing the size more than this, usually requires new digitizing for best results and is billed accordingly.

What is Digitizing?
This is a one-time setup required for embroidery where your design is programmed onto a disk which is read by our embroidery machines. This program tells the machine what type of stitch to sew and where to change thread colors. Before digitizing it is important for us to know if the design will be used on a cap and what type of fabric we will be stitching on (satin, fleece, pique, corduroy) for best results. Once completed it can be used over and over again to reproduce your design. The quality of the finished product greatly depends on how your logo is digitized. Unlike most of our competitors, we do all of the digitizing in-house, which allows us to quickly make changes as needed for best results. Our in-house digitizer has 16 years of graphic design experience and over 6 years of digitizing. (this is pretty important. should it be reemphasized somewhere else? )

What kind of design is best for embroidery?
Simple designs with open space are best - for readability and keeping your costs down. Use bolder lines if planning for rough fabrics such as pique or polar fleece. All lettering needs to be 1/4 inch tall and it is best if lettering can be connected. Cap designs are limited to 2-1/4 inches tall and 6 inches wide. Maximum size for other garments is 11 X 15. Our graphic designer and in-house digitizer can take an existing logo and recommend changes for best results when embroidered.

What kind of artwork do I provide for embroidery?
Please provide a simple colored drawing (or color copy of your logo) to show how the finished design should look (do not provide color separations). If you are supplying a disk, the most compatible program for our digitizing software is Adobe Illustrator for Macintosh. If you don't have a design... no problem! Our graphic designers will listen to your ideas to create a graphic for your embroidery job.

What are my choices for thread color?
Your design can be a maximum of 9-colors (although there is a 144 piece minimum for over 6-colors due to setup time on the machine). Pricing is based on up to 6-colors unless specified ahead of time. We have over 40 thread colors in stock and have a chart of these available colors in our office. Our customer service staff can help you match up these colors to your logo pantone colors and if a special order color is required we can help with that too.

What are my garment choices?
If your embroidered logo has a high stitch count, we recommend avoiding lightweight tees or thin/delicate fabrics. We have a 100-page blank garment catalog with a wide variety of apparel. We have access to thousands of other suppliers as well for items ranging from caps to uniforms to high-end golf apparel. If you are looking for a specific brand or style, please let us know! Our purchasing agent has over 10 years of experience and can find almost anything.

Can I see a finished shirt before my order is sewn?
We always stitch a sample of new embroidery for approval and for our own benefit to make final edits. If you require a sew-out which will leave our office, using the actual thread colors you have requested, we charge $10.00. If over 10,000 stitches an additional $1.00/1,000 stitches will apply. If you would like your logo sewn on one sample shirt - a few extra days should be added to your timeline and this one piece will be billed at a higher rate. Your customer service representative can help with this.

How do I reorder?
Just give us a call. We keep your disk on file and have all the information regarding thread colors, type of garment, etc. for an exact repeat.



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